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Purchase Process

1. Deposit :Depend on the developer ,but Standard in Turkey is :€3.000 to €5.000
2. Private Purchase Contract :After receiving the funds in the clients account and once the contract is signed and will be released to developer , once the developer has obtained the building licence or if they have already the builing license the fund shall be sent straigt away to the sellers account .

3. Application to the Land Registry ,Cadastral Office ,Municipality and the Ministry of Defence for the purchase approval : This begings with a map approval application from the Town Hall ,which amounts between €1.500 to €2.000 depending on the area and the size of the property ,plus approx.€110 for Cadastral Office fees and Engineering maps.

4. Ministry of Defence application &Resident Permit :Ministry of Defence has to approve the purchase undertaken by a foreigner .They check that the housing unit is not close to a militery sensitive area.This process could take between 3 to 4 months .A resident permit will be also requested in order to buy a property in Turkey ,if want to live permenitly in Turkey we can apply for the resident permit.

5. Title Deed :It is granted at the Land Registry ,and not before a Public Notary and once the Ministry of Defence has approved the purchase tax on the value of the property will be paid buy the buyer ,a land registry fee of approx €40 aslo applies.

6. Tax Number :is mandatory for tax purposes.The process of obtaining it is free of charge and can be done in the same day ,provided that it is a working day .

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