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Which Estate Agent?

So many real estate agents, yet which one to choose ?

Foreign interest in real estate in Kusadasi has caused a tremendous increase in number of realtors. Once you should be careful when choosing a real estate agent in Kusadasi. Even waiters and hotel stuff seem to act as a realtors and this situation causes legal problems. Real Estate Agents are there to assist buyers during finding right property and purchase procedures. However, local courts are busy handling real estate cases. Therefore, we suggest that you take a close look at our suggestions below:

1- Some real estate agents tend to put a mark up on top of the actual sale price of the property. They should only charge a certain percentage of the sale price. As an example, property owner asks for 60.000 Euro and realtor asks 70.000 Euro where mark up is 10.000 Euro. In reality price is 60.000 Euro and the realtor commission should be 3% which is 1.800 Euro.

2. Watch out for fake deeds. With a good real estate agent you should have no problem with it.

3. Deed and property should match. Unfortunately some “so called realtors” are unable to tell whether the deed is the actual deed of the property.

4. Property that is being sold can have tax debt from previous years, which can be problem for the new owner.

5. Some realtors tend to show the sale amount of the property significantly low to pay lower sales tax. We recommend that you refrain from this because tax penalties are much higher. And tax penalties tend to come 2 to 5 years after the purchase of the property.

6. Make sure that the property you bought, does not have any mortgage or distraint on it.

SUMMARY: If you are thinking of buying property in Kusadasi, work with people who are totally eligible, trustworthy and capable.

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