Complete Kusadasi Guide - Kusadasi Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches, Ephesus, Night Life and more


The most reasonable way to travel around the town is by minibuses called Dolmus. Dolmuses are operating on several different routes, passing through all major hotels and attractions. There are different lines separated from each other with numbers, and destination names are written on their front or side windows. The easiest way to find the correct dolmus to your destination is to raise your hand stop one and ask the driver. 

On main streets there are dolmus stops, on side streets it is ok to raise your hand to stop a Dolmus without the need of a dolmus station. 

Fees are paid in cash either in Turkish Lira or Euros. 


To find a taxi, you’d rather go to their office or call one of the taxi companies than waiting on the street. Taxis are yellow with company names on side; and fees are paid according to taximeters.

Public Bus:

There are Aydin municipality public busses that run between Aydin and Kusadasi every day from early morning to evening. In the high season, an additional route from Kusadasi to Guzelcamli may be added. Check the Aydin municipality web page for timetables and routes.