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Aphrodisias, once the capital of Caria, is one of the most significant sites discovered by modern archaeologists. The excavations, initiated in 1904 and continued ever since, have unearthed superbly preserved monuments and artifacts: a theatre, an odeon and a most beautiful stadium in antiquity. The museum is rich with sculptures made of local marble, which were created by members of the celebrated ancient school of Aphrodisias, once the best in Anatolia. The stadium, where athletic games were held, is 262 meters (786 feet) long and 59 meters (177 feet) wide and could seat 30,000 people. 

Leading to the stadium, one can see the ruins of a building thought to be school of philosophy. Aphrodisias was indeed an intellectual and cultural center, attracting people who came to study philosophy, astronomy and medicine.

Today, the grave of Archeologist Prof. Kenan Erim who discovered and excavated the ancient city of Aphrodisias is inside the ancient city. 

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