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It is a population exchange village where Orthodox Greeks live, 8 KM from Selçuk district and 83 KM from Izmir city center. This village, which used to be called 'Ephesus on the Hill' or 'Ephesus on the Mountain,' has a comprehensive history, both the history of its name and its foundation.

Starting with the name, although his real name is Kırkınca, this title was given to forty people who hit the mountains in the legendary age. After many adjectives such as Kirkince and later Cirkince were made in Greek pronunciation, it was formalized as Sirince by Kazım Dirik, the Governor of İzmir at the time.

Sirince; The Greek Town with 1800 houses was separated from Sirince lands within the scope of the Turkey-Greece Population Exchange in 1923, and Turks from Kavala and Somoko settled in their place.

In Sirince, houses are positioned so that it does not block the view of another house. But today, the stone houses inhabited in the past are mostly used as accommodation. However, Sirince Village is a suitable village for daily visits.

According to the Mayan Calendar, while it is believed that the apocalypse will break out on December 21, 2012, it is also said that Sirince Village is one of the two places that will not be affected by the apocalypse in any way. After this belief, Sirince village; has added popularity to its popularity among tourists.

There are two historical churches in Sirince Village. St John the Baptist Church and St Dimitrios Church.

We recommend you to visit the St. John the Baptist Church as your most important and first historical destination as soon as you arrive in Sirince Village. It is said that the old structure of this church was destroyed and rebuilt in 1805. The church has three naves and a rectangular plan. There is a cellar and a cafe where wine tastings are made. At the entrance of St. John the Baptist Church, there is an area where you can light a candle and make a wish, as well as a pool in front of the church where you can make a wish by throwing coins. But in this pool, your wish will be granted as follows; if you can get the coin into the hole in it!

The Church of St. Dimitros was converted into a mosque by those from Greece during the population exchange and was used for a short time. It was then abandoned and rebuilt in 2012 and opened its doors to visitors in 2016.

There is the Mathematics Village, which is 1 KM away from Sirince Village. On the land belonging to the Nesin Foundation, a foundation was established by Ali Nesin and Sevan Nişanyan in 2007 to enable students to study freely without fear of Mathematics and Mathematics related sciences. It is said that this foundation is a testament to his son by Aziz Nesin. Training, camps, meetings and conferences are held in the Mathematics Village.

If you ask who is the leading actor in the popularity of Sirince Village, we give you the answer Wine. Fruity wines! You can taste and shop these unique flavors in the cellars, as is the heart of Sirince Village. It is said that there are about 60 cellars. Wine varieties, Black Mulberry, consist of many different fruits, such as Damson Plum, Blackberry, and Blueberry.

It is necessary to mention a wide range of shopping. You can buy many options such as homemade natural products, Pomegranate Sour, Molasses, Olive Oil, and Natural Soaps. In Sirince Village Bazaar, you can also purchase authentic objects for your home and souvenirs for your loved ones.


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