Open Air Party 'Hand in Hand to 2023' by KODER

Organized by Kuşadası Hoteliers and Investors (KODER), the traditional 'Hand in Hand to 2023' took place at the Korumar Ephesus Beach & Spa Resort.

Open Air Party 'Hand in Hand to 2023' by KODER

KODER President Tacettin Özden started his speech to the attendees with the following words: "We had to take a break from our traditional ball due to the pandemic. Fortunately, we have overcome the pandemic problems and were able to get together again today. In the tourism we did under the covid rules and restrictions last year, we have normalized this year. Although the Ukraine-Russia war frightened us, its effect wore off quickly. We had a perfect season from June until today. The occupancy of the hotels, the movement in the bazaar, the ship tourism, and the trade of the tradespeople were good. Everyone was satisfied. After dealing with the pandemic for two years, where we are is very good. The Ministry of Tourism revised and raised the targets three times. It set the target of 47 million tourists. In my opinion, by the end of the year, we will exceed this target. At Kuşadası Hoteliers Association, we went through a very intense process with the Board of Directors. Our studies and dialogues will continue the same way from now on, and we will work on how to make tourism more profitable and sustainable. We will be in the works. We will protect nature and the environment. Our environment, sea and nature will be clean and accessible. And we will take care of our employees, give them the value they deserve, and make them permanent by popularizing the industry.

As long as you support us, we will work more successfully.

I wish you many more beautiful, prosperous and healthy years together. I hope to meet you next year—my respect and love.'' Organized with the hopes of a good 2023 tourism season, it lasted until late at night and attracted great attention.

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