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are you looking for a place to have a picnic in Kuşadası? let's talk about the Adagöl, which has a view of the lake and is surrounded by greenery, where you can come with your family or friends. firstly, the distance is 10 minutes away from the kusadasi  and it is located next to the tusan  hotel. when you type the adagöl promenade area from the navigation, you will see that you can easily reach it. if you want to go by city bus, you can provide transportation to bus number 1 from Kusadasi city stops. the other ways will be by taxi or your own vehicle. but if you go with your own car, there is also a pricing available here; 

Large vehicles, vans, cars and motorcycles will be free for the first 15 minutes, but: 

* Large vehicles (like bus); 

* 20 türkish lira Dec between 0-6 hours, 

* 35 türkish lira Dec between 6-24 hours, 

* Small vehicles (cars); 

* 5 türkish lira for 0-1 hour, 

* 7 türkish lira for 1-3 hours, 

* 10 türkish lira for 3-9 hours, 

* 50 türkish lira for 9-24 hours, 

On the other hand, a parking fee of 5 türkish liras will be charged for motorcycles between 0-24 hours Dec 

after that, there are seating areas, a parking area for your children to play, a cafeteria and also a restaurant. whether you want to come and use outside I mean eat your food from  the restaurants and dont make an effort  here or  just  bring your cooking materials with you and you can rent a barbecue, the options are completely up to you. of course, let me give you a little hint, in picnic areas like this, of course, there is a high probability of mosquitoes because there is also a lake here, so I would like to remind you that you should take medicine with you. and of course, sunscreen, especially if you come in the summer. besides all this, there is also a walking area around, have you eaten a lot, take 2 laps around the lake immediately, it will be good Jul with the fresh air. of course, if you are going for a walk with your children, you should also be careful if they approach the lake while running or walking, there may be bad consequences, so I recommend that you be especially careful about this. not just for children, but if you have an idea of swimming, don't do it. and there's this one, just don't call it a picnic area here you can come and do sports and  running around the lake whenever you want. 

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